Interior Design 



Welcome to affordable access to personalized interior design. Whether you have a single room to furnish or are looking to re-design your entire home, I will help you every step of the way. Here's how it works...

  • Decide which spaces you would like designed and your budget for the project. Email me with measurements and pictures, and I will send you a quote for approval – the rate is per room.
  • Fill out my questionnaire so I can get to know more about you, your style and what you want from your space and I can get to designing your dream home.
  • You will get a mood board for your space(s) and a complete list of products to purchase. I will also let you know how to put it all together.

full service

Creating cohesive, beautiful homes is the goal when it comes to full service design. Here's a breakdown of what is involved when you hire Ashley Asher Design for your next residential project...


Step 1: Consultation
  • During this first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, addressing your goals and your budget. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we’ll discuss your tastes, your lifestyle, and how you intend to use the space. 


Step 2: Site Measure & Assessment
  • Here we will take detailed on-site measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in your project. Where appropriate, we will also arrange to have the trades people who will be working on your project come in and take their own measurements for estimating purposes.


Step 3: Space Planning
  • At this point we will design a floor plan that allow us to determine what pieces will best fit into the space, how it is arranged, and the scale of each piece. We will then schedule a meeting to review each floor plan and discuss the pros and cons of each.


Step 4: Design Concept
  • Once we have decided on a floor plan, the next step is to create the design scheme. This starts with developing a color scheme and sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. Materials for flooring, counters and cabinetry are selected. Wall and floor coverings are considered. Window treatments are designed and fabrics, trims and hardware are chosen. A lighting plan is developed. Drawings, samples and pictures are gathered. 


Step 5: Concept Presentation & Approval
  • Once the design concept is ready to present, we will scheduled a meeting. You will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. We will go through the design in detail and you will be presented with fabrics, drawings, photos and samples for each element in the design. During the meeting you’ll provide feedback and we’ll narrow down the options to the best one for each element. 


Step 6: Design & Trades Implementation
  • If there is work to be done by trades, we schedule this as soon as possible. We manage the scheduling and oversee the work to make sure the design is executed properly and with the highest quality workmanship. Throughout the design process, we manage all the details. We make sure work by trades is underway or has been satisfactorily completed, all concerns have been addressed, furniture ordered, payments made, schedule on track, and no detail overlooked. 


Step 7: Installation & Accessorizing
  • This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by trades has been completed. Now the furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs laid, accessories placed and art hung.